Wise 3400 Split Jamb Stitcher

The unique flow through design of the Wise 3400 Split Jamb Stitcher easily allows one operator to efficiently secure split jambs bundle after bundle. Applies up to 4 staples per jamb in under 10 seconds.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 Staples per Jamb
  • Automated Flow Through Design
  • No Changeovers Required
  • Plug & Play Operation

Air Requirements

1 cfm @ 90 psi

Electrical Requirements

115v, 1 Phase, 20 Amp, 60 HZ

5′ Long x 2′ Wide x 5′ Tall

250 lbs

Optional Machines Available

Wise 1500 Hinge Jamb Machine
Wise 1525A Automatic Hinge Jamb Machine
Wise 3200 Flat Jamb Stop Stitcher
Wise 3400 Split Jamb Stitcher

Financing Available

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