If you are in the market for pre-hung door machinery make the Wise decision

As a leading manufacturer of pre-hung door and stair building equipment and supplier of used equipment, Wise is your one-stop-shop for equipment for any size manufacturing process and budget. Our experts will get to know your process in order to give you the best options possible.

In addition to premium quality new Wise pre-hung door equipment, we also inventory a wide range of brand name new and used door machinery, such as Norfield, Kval, Fullhouse and much more. Check out our latest inventory by selecting one of the categories below.

Sell your equipment

Are you looking to trade your used pre-hung door machinery or want to get rid of a machine that has not been running for a while? Look no further! Wise will buy your old pre-hung door machinery and stair equipment or offer a trade value toward the purchase of a new model, contact us today and let us know about what you have to sell.