Door Machinery Service: Elevate Your Manufacturing Operations with Expert Maintenance and Repairs

At Wise we know that down time is a profit killer. Elevate the efficiency and reliability of your production needs with our specialized door machinery service. Our team of experienced and highly trained technicians undergo a rigorous combination of in-house and on-site training that encompasses all brands of pre-hung door machinery and stair building equipment, providing comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions tailored to optimize the performance of your machinery.

From routine inspections to addressing specific issues, we prioritize keeping your equipment running smoothly, minimizing downtime, and ensuring peak efficiency. Trust in our commitment to excellence as we deliver top-notch service designed to meet the unique needs of your door manufacturing business. With our expertise, your machinery will operate at its best, contributing to a seamless and productive manufacturing process.

Our goal is to help you get your equipment up and running – and keep it there.

Scheduled Door Machinery Service 

We can arrange preventative maintenance calls to help avoid costly downtime. Our Service program delivers the added convenience of advanced scheduling to fit your company’s needs. Service dates can be reserved up to a year in advance and tailored to fit your schedule so that you can take advantage of the slow times throughout the year or enhance your production before your busy season. Proactively maintaining equipment and staying current with new machinery technology helps alleviate problems before they start.

Door Machinery Service

Emergency Services

Emergency Service is designed directly with the customers’ needs in mind, and our response time goes unmatched in the industry. Rest easy in knowing that our highly trained professionals will have your production back up and running with just hours’ notice.

Door Machinery Service

Equipment Relocation Program

Whether you’re relocating equipment across the shop, across the street, or across the country, our experienced service team can provide full service from break down and transport to installation, set-up, and training. Your equipment will be cared for by our trained technicians throughout the journey.

Tool Repair Service

In-house service that can repair most anything, providing a simple solution to broken tools, motors, or specialty equipment. Contact us today with the item details.